I am so glad you came to visit. Pull up a chair, take your shoes off and kick your feet up on the footstool in front of our crackling fireplace.

As children we used our imagination freely and somehow we seem to have lost a lot of that ability over the years. I intend to wind the clock back for all of us over 55 crowd, so we can be like little children again and use our imagination.

I believe in good music with a good message. I also believe in variety and up-beat material. I believe that humor is a healing ingredient in life. For that reason I mix them all together for my audience.

OLD HEARTBREAKER was my first venture into CD production. This venture involved some true miracles.

The title track was written back in the early 60’s for a young gal I was dating at the time. It must have done the trick because we were married for 28 years.

I invite you to explore the tabs on the left side and I’ll give you more details as we go along.

Thanks again for coming in.

All my best,

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